Animal Travel Agency (Pty) Ltd.


Private Bag X153, Postnet Suite 789, Bryanston 2021 South Africa Johannesburg South Africa

Serviced Airports

  • Johannesburg Intl - JNB

Services provided

  • Espèce exotiques
  • Toilettage
  • Chenils personalisés
  • Transport à long distance

Services arranged

  • Embarquement
  • Oiseaux
  • Transport terrestre uniquement
  • Chenils standard pour transport aérien

Animals types

  • Oiseaux
  • Chiens et Chats
  • Exotiques
  • Poissons


Animal Travel Agency offers a specialised and comprehensive pet moving service to families traveling from South Africa to all destinations worldwide. We also assist with pet relocation into South Africa from all over the world, as well as local pet travel within South Africa. With regulations varying from country to country, getting the right permits and documentation for your pet to travel is time consuming and complex. With nearly 4 decades of experience our staff are able to assist with all the complicated regulations surrounding pet transportation and thereby ensure you a trouble free move. The Care of your pets is our primary concern and we make sure they get there safely every time. Where necessary, Animal Travel Agency will book boarding kennels – locally or overseas. We arrange pet import and pet export documents. We also provide pet travel containers and food. We will personally collect and take your pet from your home to the airport, advise kennels consignee of the time and date of arrival and collect pets arriving in South Africa. Clients moving to the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are often concerned about the long quarantine period which is imposed by these countries. We are able to guide and advise you regarding the best quarantine kennels as we make a point of visiting the UK kennels ourselves, every few years. For more information regarding quarantine please go to Pets Abroad. Where boarding is required in South Africa, we use only reputable, licensed boarding kennel, and preferably those which are members of the Pet Boarding Association. Animal Travel is well known to all the embassies, removal companies and large companies who relocate their personnel worldwide and we feel sure that we will be able to assist you with all aspects of transporting your pets to their destination. We would like to assure you and your clients that all animals are handled personally by our staff who are highly experienced and only have the best care and saftey of your pets in mind. Everyone at Animal Travel has there own pets and understand that pets are a “part of the family” and need be treated as such. During the last three decades we have arranged travel for birds, fish and even lion cubs. If you want your well loved pets to get the best hands on personal service from animal loving staff give us a call. Animal travel is the choice pets relocation company.

Contact : Animal Travel Agency (Pty) Ltd.

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