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Services provided

  • Embarquement
  • Acceptation des cartes de crédits
  • Toilettage
  • Chenils personalisés
  • Chenils standard pour transport aérien
  • Transport à long distance
  • Pickup et Livraison
  • Services vétérinaires

Services arranged

  • Transport terrestre uniquement

Animals types

  • Oiseaux
  • Chiens et Chats


Groovy was established in 1990 as a Pet shop and grooming for both dogs and cats, our business began as a hobby! The response from dogs and people alike was overwhelming. We believe we are changing the way pet owners feed their dogs, one pleased pooch at a time! We were founded with a love of all-natural ingredients, good flavors and, of course, dogs. Thanks to pets and people like you, we've grown from a bare-bones beginning to one of the nation's leading seller of all-natural treats and foods for dogs. Our mission is simple: To sell the world's best treats and foods for dogs! At GROOVY, our vision is to create a fun and exciting shopping experience, now with online and in stores, for our customers and their pets by offering a complete selection of pet-related products and pet services, including grooming, training, clinics, and at competitive prices with superior customer service at convenient locations. We understand that our customers are pet lovers, not just pet owners. They view their pets as members of the family and believe they deserve the same level of care and comfort. We invite our customers to shop our stores with their pets. This makes purchasing the right product easier and a lot more fun! We also realize that in today's world, our customers' lives are filled with competing demands for their time. To help make caring for their pets a little easier, our stores are conveniently located in two locations. We also offer the convenience of online shopping. Your favorite pet products are available here on our web site and are conveniently delivered to your door. Groovy is a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies and services. Our stores offer more than 10,000 high-quality pet-related products.

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