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Manchester, England United Kingdom Manchester United Kingdom

Serviced Airports

  • Birmingham - BHX
  • Manchester - MAN
  • Gatwick - LGW
  • Heathrow - LHR
  • Leeds Bradford - LBA
  • Newcastle - NCL
  • Nottingham East Midlands - EMA
  • Glasgow - GLA
  • Edinburgh - EDI

Services provided

  • Espèce exotiques
  • Chenils personalisés
  • Chenils standard pour transport aérien
  • Transport à long distance
  • Pickup et Livraison

Services arranged

  • Embarquement
  • Oiseaux
  • Toilettage
  • Transport terrestre uniquement
  • Installation de quarantine approuvé
  • Services vétérinaires

Animals types

  • Oiseaux
  • Chiens et Chats
  • Exotiques
  • Cheval


Being experienced travellers who love to take their pets with them when they travel; we have faced the complicated and daunting situation of import and Carl_Printexport regulations. Every country has its own particular and sometimes, peculiar import requirements, highlighting that travelling with your pet can be confusing and at times, stressful. Moving to a destination should be a pleasurable experience, and we personally would like it to remain that way. Given our own experiences, good and bad, we established our pet relocation service to assist pet owners similar to ourselves. Whether you are a frequent traveller, emigrating abroad or returning to the UK. Whatever your circumstance or situation, we can assist you from your door to your final destination. It's a difficult choice whether to leave your pet with a friend, relative or boarding, but as we discovered, we want them to be with us where ever we are. No matter what period of time you intend to leave the UK, we can arrange what is necessary for out/inbound flights, ground transport, boarding and flight boxes. Even though the regulations for individual countries are complicated, so long as you are aware of the 'why's and what-if's', travel with your pet is not as drastic as one is often led to believe. We will assist you with all the preparation and paperwork you need to make the whole process as stress-free as one would like. At Pets Travel with Passports, we understand the system and we will guide and assist you from beginning to end with the highest level of customer service, because we were once the customer and we understand the needs and requirements, worries and concerns. Our aim at Pets Travel with Passports is to give you solid, reliable assistance from your first contact with us, to the safe arrival of your pet(s) at your final destination.We are located no more than 10 minutes from Manchester International Airport and have strong links with the Cargo Centre, especially Pets On Jets, who are the only UK airport handling facility outside the London area licensed to operate the British Government's 'PETS' Passport Scheme.

Contact : Pets Travel with Passports Ltd

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