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Alajuela Costa Rica Alajuela Costa Rica

Serviced Airports

  • Daniel Oduber Quiros Intl - LIR
  • Juan Santamaria Intl - SJO

Services provided

  • Embarquement
  • Acceptation des cartes de crédits
  • Toilettage
  • Chenils personalisés
  • Chenils standard pour transport aérien
  • Pickup et Livraison
  • Services vétérinaires

Services arranged

  • Oiseaux
  • Espèce exotiques
  • Transport à long distance

Animals types

  • Oiseaux
  • Chiens et Chats
  • Exotiques
  • Animaux d'élevage
  • Autres
  • Cheval


I started this business on a dream over a decade ago. It wasn’t official for many years. That is, not a licensed business. I have been transporting pets since 1999. My first move was from Tennessee to California. A Cairn Terrier to a dear friend, Stephanie. You can see her family picture below with her now 11 yr old Criseyde. Her puppy was born 4 days after my youngest son, Ronan. Shortly after that, I made my my first international shipment. It was Niki, the Akita and Penny the Great Dane from Atlanta, Georgia to Haiti. Niki was a registered security dog in Haiti as you can see from his badge in the picture below. Unfortunately, Niki died in July of 09. I still have Niki’s brother Taubi who is now 11 years old. Their mother Ti also passed away this past summer at 14. I still talk to Dixie and John in Haiti and Stephanie in California. After all of these years, we are all still friends. This is how my pet transportation business started. I have worked in veterinary hospitals and emergency clinics throughout the years and always had a passion for animals. I never dreamed that my love of animals could possibly grow into an international business. Our first office we opened in Costa Rica while living there because of John’s job. When we were transferred back to the US, I opened our office in the states. I still have my office in Costa Rica and travel back and forth between my office in the US and my office in CR. We have a wonderful staff in Costa Rica to keep that office running in my absence and John is now working with WPT full time. He is taking care of the books and holding down the fort when I am traveling which is a good thing when you have a full house/office like we do and a schedule like mine. Thank goodness for John!! Since we have become members of IPATA, we are part of a team of the most amazing group of people. We all work together to facilitate the moving of pets to most any location around the world.

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